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Are You Making These Common Sunscreen Mistakes?

We've all probably been applying sunscreen to our skin since we were kids. Many of us have memories of our parents lathering us up with it before we could go out and play with our friends at the playground, or at the beach. But the thing is that no one really teaches us the proper ways to apply and use sunscreen, and many of us are probably making these common sunscreen mistakes.

Here are the most common sunscreen mistakes:

  1. You only apply sunscreen when you know you will be going outside, when in fact sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine, all year round.
  2. You assume that using sunscreen with a high SPF means you can spend more time in the sun - this is wrong! SPF refers to the amount of UVB rays that the product blocks, which is not equal to the amount of time it can provide protection from the sun. 
  3. On the other hand, you use an SPF that’s too low - make sure you're using at least SPF 30 or higher.
  4. You don’t use enough sunscreen. A golf-ball sized amount is how much you should be using on your whole body.
  5. You don’t use a broad spectrum sunscreen, which means you're not protected against UVA rays, only UVB rays.
  6. You apply sunscreen after you get dressed. Most people do this to avoid getting sunscreen on their clothes but this leaves areas that may become uncovered and exposed to the sun to get sunburnt. Apply sunscreen first!
  7. You use less sunscreen as your skin develops more of a tan. A tan doesn't protect you from developing skin cancer, only sunscreen can!
  8. You assume expensive sunscreens work better. While the product may be more luxurious in its smell, feel, or packaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean it works better at protecting you from the sun. Only the SPF level can determine how much UV radiation can penetrate into the skin, and that doesn’t cost more. 

Are you falling for any of these common sunscreen mistakes? Share this blog post with your friends to make sure they're in the know too!

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