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Tips for Reapplying Sunscreen over Makeup

If you didn’t already know, you should be reapplying your sunscreen every 2 hours. For those who are conscious of sunscreen reapplication but aren’t sure of how to do so over their makeup, this blog post is for you!

First, many people wonder if the order of where sunscreen falls in their skincare routine matters – and the answer is no! According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, as long as the sunscreen is at least SPF 30, broad spectrum, and applied 15 minutes before going outdoors, it doesn’t matter what step sunscreen is in your skincare routine. Some people find it easiest to apply on bare skin, before any makeup or moisturizer. Don’t forget your neck, ears, and eyelids!

So now that it’s been 2 hours since you applied sunscreen initially, what now? A great hack is to use a sponge to apply sunscreen over your makeup. Apply a small amount of sunscreen to a dry makeup sponge and then dab. Avoid dragging to prevent your makeup from moving around. Press the sunscreen into the skin to blend. If you don’t have a sponge handy, use the same technique with your fingers gently.

Also consider trying a lightweight sunscreen so that it can spread freely over the skin and that you can pat into the skin easily. Thicker sunscreen formulas may require rubbing and that can disturb the makeup. 

If you will be outside for a prolonged period of time, it is always best to wash off your makeup and then reapply sunscreen to a fresh face when possible! Sunscreens do not provide 100% protection from sun, so always remember to wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, and seek shade when outdoors.

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