Our Story

From a weekend filled with friendship, beach days, and car sing-a-longs, Arbre was born. Two friends wanted to disrupt the conventional sunscreen industry by creating sustainable, innovative, and inclusive SPF products.

As proud Canadians, our co-founders appreciate the trials and tribulations of living in the North and the intense weather patterns that accompanies it. The sun’s rays can be so strong that you end a cloudy day with a painful sunburn. But all sunscreen and SPF products are the same: greasy!

Co-founders Stephanie and Kristina are scientists by training and strongly believe in the science and research behind sun protection. The main goal of Arbre is to develop innovative and inclusive SPF products that work for our consumers, and that our consumers will love using.

With impact in mind, we are committed to developing SPF products that are safe for the earth. Since 2019, our team has been researching and developing sustainable and natural ingredients that will provide optimal protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Arbre is the French word for tree.

Like trees, we aspire to provide effective sun protection products that are also environmentally friendly.

  • Sustainability

    We want our products to be safe for you and gentle on the earth. We use natural and simple ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

  • Innovation

    Your skin deserves the most effective protection from UV exposure. We are creating products that are based in science and research.

  • Inclusivity

    Sun protection products should not be one size fits all. We are creating SPF products that work for every body.

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