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Spruce Dry Shampoo with SPF 20

Spruce Dry Shampoo with SPF 20

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You can protect your scalp from the sun without getting the dreaded hat hair with Spruce! We created this mineral-based sunscreen to prevent scalp sunburns and provide effective sun protection to the scalp.

This sunscreen is formulated as a powder dry shampoo that absorbs any excess oils and provides broad-spectrum protection with SPF 20. The tinted powder blends into a variety of hair colors and textures. Spruce is also formulated with natural and simple ingredients, and is found in recyclable packaging.

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Spruce Dry Shampoo with SPF 20


Active ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

Non-active ingredients: arrowroot powder, bamboo extract, corn starch, rice flour, kaolin, micas

How to Use Spruce

Apply product liberally and thoroughly to the scalp, especially exposed areas. Blend product in with fingers or a hair brush. Use on dry hair, after all liquid hair products in styling routine. Re-apply every 2 hours, or more frequently if sweating excessively and after swimming.

How to Apply Spruce

Spruce is formulated to be used like a powder dry shampoo, and can be applied in three simple ways:

  1. The most common method is to tap the powder into your hand, then pat the powder onto the scalp, especially the exposed areas, and blend the product into the hair with your fingers or a hair brush.
  2. For a more precise application, Spruce can be applied directly to the scalp by using a clean, small powder brush. Tap the product onto your hand or into the lid, dip the powder brush into Spruce, and apply the powder directly to the exposed areas of the scalp.
  3. For a more liberal application, Spruce can be applied to the scalp directly from the shaker. Simply hold the shaker over your scalp and tap the product onto the exposed areas of the scalp.

See three ways to apply Spruce here.

What hair types is Spruce for?

Spruce can be used on all hair types! We have tested Spruce on hair types ranging from fine, straight hair and 2A - 4A curl patterns. 

Quick Tip: If you have a coarser hair texture, we suggest using a clean powder brush to apply Spruce directly to the exposed parts of your scalp. This more precise application method will help you avoid making your hair frizzy during the blending process!

Where is Spruce made?

Spruce is made in Canada with love!

Shop Spruce IRL

You can purchase Spruce in person at Aro Market and Maker's Market in Toronto.

Aro Market is located at 846 College St.

Maker's Market is located at 3069 Dundas St. West.

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